Honeymoon Details

Summer 2010 is busy for us: Kim will graduate from MIT 5 days after our wedding, and we have good friends and family who will be getting married the weeks after us. We've decided to do our honeymoon in three small parts so we can attend each of these fun events!

Summer 2010 is also highlighted by the World Cup in South Africa. While we can't attend the games, we do hope to include some soccer-related love in our summer. You can make our honeymoon even more special by bringing a soccer ball (deflated or not, as we'll have a deflater on-site) to our wedding. What are we going to do with the soccer ball?! You'll play an extra special part of our honeymoon as we pass out the balls to needy youth (and maybe even play some footie with them!) in Mexico and Indonesia.

We've created a Honeymoon Registry if you'd like to help us with our trips to Mexico, Canada and Indonesia!